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A Beginner’s Guide: How To Snorkel

How to Snorkel For BeginnersLearning how to snorkel can bring a new dimension to your vacations, or can even become a hobby in itself. Read on to learn about this new explorative activity.

It’s the perfect way to see the fantastic world that exists below the surface of the water.

Surface snorkeling requires very little experience and you can build up to spending time beneath the surface if you want to.

We’re going to cut the chase, so you can get out and start exploring what’s under the surface of the water. Here’s what you need to know about snorkeling.

How To Snorkel


If you’re signing up for snorkeling activities on vacation, equipment will usually be provided. Once you get a taste for it, you’ll want to buy your own equipment that is just right for your size and shape.

Snorkel mask – How do snorkels work? The combination of a snorkel and mask are used to cover your eyes and nose which allows you to see underwater. If you’re buying, choose a mask with tempered glass. Some recent models cover the entire face.

Dry snorkel – with a dry snorkel you can breathe underwater without needing to lift your head from the water by sucking air from the surface.

Fins – snorkeling fins (or flippers) fit your feet and let you propel yourself through the water faster.

Life jacket – all snorkelers, whether beginner or advanced should have a life vest to protect themselves.

Wet suit – a good quality wet suit can help your body maintain its temperature as well as protect you from saltwater, jellyfish stings, and UV sun rays.

Waterproof camera – want to catch some spectacular photos of the underwater world? A waterproof camera is a must.

Snorkeling At The Surface Of The Water

Basic snorkeling doesn’t involve any special skills other than being able to swim. Ensure that your mask fits securely and get used to wearing it. Practice breathing through the mask in a natural way before you get into the water.

In a shallow area of water, practice putting your face in the water. It may take a little while to get used to. You’ll need to know how to get water out of your mask.

Once you’re comfortable with your face being in the water, try floating face down and learn to relax and breathe naturally. Now you’re ready to start swimming and seeing that fantastic underwater world.

Diving Snorkeling

If you want to get below the surface, then underwater snorkeling is for you. In terms of snorkeling vs scuba diving, this is the middle ground.

Practice holding your breath and learn to relax so that it lasts longer. Learn to fill up your chest from the diaphragm up.

Bend at the waist and raise your legs so that the weight of them pushes you down into the water. Try not to use too much energy, use slow and controlled movements. If you’re new to this, come back up for air before you need to and only extend your time underwater when it feels comfortable.

Check Out This Tutorial on How to Snorkel


Snorkeling is a great skill to learn and those who try it often take it up as a hobby.

If you’re on vacation, there will often be snorkeling activities available with certified instructors who will be able to guide you.