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How to Make Boating Instantly More Fun for Kids

How to Make Boating Instantly More Fun for KidsWe’ve all been there at one time or another, when you decide to set sail and take the family on the boat for a nice joy ride. When all of a sudden, 10 minutes into the ride your kids start groaning. “I’m bored.”, “How much longer?”, “I’m hungry.”

It’s so easy to chart your route, load up your supplies, and provide the proper safety gear, but when it comes to engaging your kids in the activity it can be a challenge.

That’s why we put together the ultimate guide that is sure to make boating instantly more fun for your kids this summer. Without any further hesitation, let’s dive right in!

Anticipate Discomforts

When envisioning boating with your family and friends, most people often picture an image similar to a magazine cover. All participating members have a bulging smile on their face, accompanied with sublime weather conditions, as they chart their way through the open waters. Unfortunately, this idealistic representation of boating doesn’t always happen, especially when you don’t plan ahead and anticipate the myriad of discomforts that can happen when you’re out on the water.

Think about it, have you ever been in a scenario in which you’re trying to have a good time, but there is an outlying factor that is inhibiting you from enjoying the moment? It’s the same for your kids, they want to have a good time, but there may just be something that is inhibiting them from taking in the splendor of the boat ride. The truth is, most kids life jackets can be incredibly uncomfortable, so opting for a quality model from Airhead or even a puddle jumper can make all the difference.

Comfy Seating

Providing a comfortable place for your children to sit is a huge pillar to guarantee that your kids have a pleasant experience when they’re out on the water.

I recall going out on canoe rides with my father as a kid, and the seating situation was abhorrent! Sitting on a flimsy cushion laid across a metal rail really inhibited my enjoyment of the ride because I was focused more on the pain in my lower back and keister, rather than the scenic views.

So do yourselves a favor and make sure that the seating is appropriate from the duration that you plan to be out on the water.

Keep them Warm

Cool breezes, chilly water, and overcast skies can all be contributors to a case of the teeth chatters. It’s really important to plan ahead and pack the necessary clothes for the trip. A hoodie, sweats, closed toed shoes, and even a pair of gloves are always great choices when weather conditions aren’t certain.

If your kids love swimming but the water is unbearably chilly, then wearing a wetsuit is a perfect way to pack in the heat, and keep their bodies warm even though the water is cold.

Always make sure that you pack a towel and a change of clothes as well. If you take these precautions your kids are guaranteed to be nice and toasty!

Motion Sickness

If you don’t remember what it’s like to be sea sick, you might want to hop on a roller coaster a few times so that you can sympathize with the queasy feeling that your kids are experiencing while you’re out on the boat.

Today there are so many ways to prevent sea sickness. There are plenty of over the counter and prescription medications and patches that can provide immense relief for your little voyagers.

If you’re not a fan of these medications, then simple tricks like looking out on the horizon, facing the direction the boat is going, and taking their eyes off of books or screens can be just the touch that alleviates their queasiness.


It’s one of those simple discomforts that can completely change the dynamic of a boating experience from one that is enjoyable, to completely miserable. So make sure you pack plenty of their favorite snacks on board, and store it in an appropriate container so the food won’t spoil.

The same can be said for thirst, make sure you load up some water, sport drinks, or soda so that they are fully hydrated and enjoying their beverage as much as possible.

Sun Protection

It’s very common for kids to develop a nasty sunburn while they’re out on the water. Of course a very effective protective measure is a waterproof, high SPF sunscreen.

A less common, but just as effective option to protect against sun burns are rash guards and sun shirts. These high quality synthetic shirts have SPF built into the fabrics so they add an exorbitant amount of protection without the oily feeling of sunscreen.

Bug Protection

Depending on your location, mosquitoes, black flies, and all sorts of other pests lurk around waiting for their next feast. Kids seem to get the worst bug bites, so that is why we highly recommend getting an impactful bug spray. Or perhaps even protective bug net garments that will completely eliminate the threat of inconvenient bugs potentially ruining your next boat outing.

Make It Fun

While preventing discomfort is very important when you consider how to make boating for your kids more enjoyable, you also want to take the proactive approach and plan for ways for them to enjoy their time while they’re out on the water.

Get a Towable Tube

Towable Tubes are an instant crowd favorite! If you’ve gone on a tube ride, it is not only thrilling for the kids, but a blast for adults too! A quality tow tube won’t break the bank either, and they come in all sorts of fun colors, shapes, and some can even host multiple riders at one time.

Bring along friends

Friends can make all the difference for your kids to have a great time while they’re out on the water. Sometimes they just need a buddy or two to relate to in order to make the whole experience one to remember.

Just make sure you make sure each passenger has a life vest and the proper safety gear and they are bound to have a better time while boating.

Bring Scuba Gear

Scuba Gear can provide hours of fun! Kids love exploring new areas, and what better place to explore than the marine life of your favorite body of water.

Whether it’s a lake, pond, or ocean there is tons of fun to be had for your kids when you pair them with a scuba mask, Snorkel, and maybe even a pair of fins.

Give them tasks to do

Believe it or not, kids love to do tasks when you’re out boating! They feel a sense of pride and belonging when you teach them all the aspects of the boat. Not only is it valuable knowledge for them to learn, but sooner or later they may be operating a boat of their own one day. And they’ll need to know all aspects of running a boat.

Whether it’s teaching them to paddle, steer, start an engine, sail, or even how to distribute weight across the boat are all factors that they’d love to know because it gives them autonomy and a sense of pride from obtaining a new skill.