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Beginner’s Guide: How To Mount A Trolling Motor On An Aluminum Boat

How to mount a trolling motor on an aluminum boat For BeginnersA trolling motor is an indispensable piece of equipment for a variety of boating activities, one of which, of course, is troll fishing.

You’re undoubtedly reading this because you need some help mounting a trolling motor on an aluminum boat.

It might seem like a complex task to complete if you’ve never mounted a trolling motor before.

However, it’s a job you can tackle yourself once you have the right information at your disposal.

Read on to learn exactly how to mount a trolling motor on an aluminum boat.

How To Mount A Trolling Motor On An Aluminum Boat

Gear Needed

When it comes to trolling motor bow mounting, you will need a:

1. Drill

2. Screwdriver

3. Fitting Screws

4. Pen/Pencil

5. Trolling Motor Battery

In some cases, you may need some plywood, galvanized bolts, and a jigsaw, depending on your type of installation and trolling motor. The plywood gets used as an installation mounting plate, in case you wondered.

If you’re using a transom trolling motor mounting, you’ll typically only need a screwdriver. But, you may also need some plywood, screws, galvanized bolts, and a drill with an aluminum cutting drill bit, depending on what you’ve already got.

Setting Up

There are some slight differences between mounting a trolling motor on a bow mount and a transom mount:

Bow Mount
You’ll need some plywood for your mounting base, marked against the width of your bow and cut to shape with a jigsaw;

Test-fit the motor, ensuring it’s clear of the boat deck and the motor’s head is clear of the boat;

After carefully adjusting the plywood’s position as necessary, drill the holes through it and the boat for the mounting screws.

Transom Mount

Check the transom of your boat and ensure it’s a smooth and even surface. If it isn’t, you’ll need to use plywood for your mounting base;

Install your transom mount in the center of a small aluminum boat or the side of a larger one;
Ensure the propeller runs clear of the boat’s hull. Adjust the placement if necessary.

How to Stand Up

When you’re ready to use your trolling motor, you will need to know how to mount it on your boat. The process depends on the type of boat and mount you’re using:

Bow Mount
1. Rest your trolling motor on the mount you made and installed;

2. Insert the galvanized bolts through the holes you drilled and fasten them with washers and bolts on each nut.

Transom Mount

1. Open the mounting bracket clamps on your trolling motor;

2. Slide the clamp onto the transom and tighten it back up.

Learn to Steer and Turn

When you’re operating a trolling motor foot pedal, it can take some practice before you become accustomed to controlling a trolling motor.

First-time users should spend some time getting acquainted with how much pressure they need to apply on the foot pedal.

Remember to keep in mind the following points:

Pushing the pedal forward (toe downward) steers the trolling motor right;

Pushing the pedal backward (heel downward) steers the trolling motor left.

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The most challenging part of using a trolling motor for the first time is typically down to the mounting plate installation on a bow; transom-mounted trolling motors are easier to fit.

Once you’ve tackled the motor mount, the only other challenge you’ve got is learning how to steer and turn your boat using the trolling motor. But that’s something you’ll soon master with some practice.