About Rowing IncGrowing up in a small town with over a dozen lakes, spending time on the water was a fitting pastime of my brother and I. Whether we were swimming, canoeing, fishing, or floating rafts on the currents of the local river, our obsession with water became thoroughly stamped into our DNA, and that love has continued well into adulthood.

But enjoying water is not something unique to me and my brother, or our experience.  It’s a human experience.  People around the world vividly hear the siren’s call and are strangely drawn to the water.  And once you reach the water, you want to get in the water, and you want to get out on the water, and you want to know what the water might have for you to explore, discover, and enjoy.

Whether you like the pristine silence of fishing a trout pond from a canoe, or the excitement of tubing with your euphoric family and friends hotly in tow, a boat of some sort is a prerequisite. Boats of all types are the passport to an unimaginable amount of fun and infinite ways to find enjoyment on the water.

That’s why I started RowingInc.com.  I grew up on water and I love the water, whether flowing, salty, or sweet.  With all my many hours, days, and years spent journeying on and in the water, I wanted to gather all the resources I’ve picked up along the way and bring them here to share on Rowing Inc.

I hope you find the information we at the RowingInc.com team have assembled useful. If you have any questions or suggestions you can contact us here.